For-given sake

Forgive is only for the strong,

For giving needs more than what had been wrong,

As forego and forget not just merely a song,

That you sing when you are all alone.

Forgive is begged with full of remorse,

Yet we expect forgiveness to be given without force,

And we ask what’s forgiven to be forgotten in any course,

So the mistakes repeated would be endorsed?

-says ع-

POEM: My Reality

my reality

as strong as i could be,

that’s what i’d portray to everybody,

for let it be flurry and blurry,

all burden i have to carry,

while others seem to be in hurry,

or maybe they opt not to worry,

far apart to feel sorry,

so, let it be.

this mountain will see,

my faith and strength are within me,

and that is enough to climb these acclivity,

all by myself i shall rally,

to the peak is my only destiny,

with my hands and knee,

yes, that is what defines inevitably

no doubt, definitely!

– says ع-

POEM: Nap-mares

yes, nap-mares are real,

the pictures are actual,

the actors are veridical,

the plots are phenomenal,

the aftermath are justifiable,

yes, they leave marks surreal.

it was just a quick nap,

filling the gap,

while waiting for the chap,

it came in a snap,

and you felt sudden slap,

like a thunder zap.

all whites surrounding me,

uplifting my own decree,

from afar i heard sweet hymn melody,

came rushing with the tsunami sea,

and saw a red-heels-long-legged lady,

waving and spinning holding onto the scary destiny.

i was awake with sudden pang,

cried like i was attacked by a boomerang,

and wonder will the nap-mare continue,

becoming my nightmare’s chain.

⁃ says ع –

POEM: Missing Priorities

Time is running out,
and so that's what we thought, 
when actually it's not,
for it is due to our own doubts,
and only us can design the bailouts.

You misunderstood your own priorities, 
you set forward what you fancies, 
and put away your pet-peeves lowly, 
misjudging what's important what's not to worry, 
the puzzle seems like a never-ending story. 

Dear you, it's time never too late to start again, 
learned from the mistakes you did then, 
the pleasures are past, it's time to face the pain, 
for it's true when there's no pain, there's no gain, 
it's all in the brain and spread throughout the veins.

And when you decided to take the offer, 
cast away your fondness in the coffer, 
lay the foremost though you may suffer, 
for you don't want to repeat you previous errors, 
missing you priorities over what you favours. 

- Says ع -

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POEM: Re-solution


I don’t have any,

won’t have any,

no intention to have any.

So, don’t bother asking me.

For I set them daily,

I’ll try to complete them as many,

and will stash them away usually.

What is re-solution,

when you routine always about finding solutions,

waiting for execution,

while wondering will there be any retribution.

For I don’t see the need of a resolution,

as I pray for absolution,

and I pay the full restituion.

Yet, if I really need one,

it would not be just for fun,

as i’ll put my best till I’m done,

else, better have none,

For this is the beginning of anything you want.

Happy 2019 world!

– says ع –

POEM: Funny ME

Funny me!

I’m not funny, I wish I am, but I am not;

I bored others with my sob stories,

I killed everything with my boring facts,

I deafened the universe with my factual truth,

Oh, I’m just not funny.

I’m not funny, I wish I am, but I am not;

I want to be popular so that I would be heard,

I want to be the favourite so that I would be loved,

I want to be the viralled so that I would be followed,

But I’m just not funny.

I’m not funny, I wish I am, but I am not;

I wish I’d learned the art of prank,

I’ll then can make fun on others;

I wish I’d picked up the use of silly words,

I’ll then can make a fool out of myself;

I wish I’d known the trick to fabricate fact,

I’ll then can be the guru of memes;

Well, I’m just not funny.

Who am I kidding?

Is it me or them?

Whom do I want to please?

Is it my heart or the world?

What do I look for?

Is it the fame or just joining the game?

Nope, I’m not funny,

I can’t even rhyme because it’s just not valid.

I guess I should accept me,

just not funny,

at all.

– says ع-