Depression: What Are Stressing Them?

We are only in the first few days in 2019. I wish that all students could adapt well in the new class environment with another year wiser. Lately, we read news about teenagers being depressed to some extent opted for suicides. According to the National Health Morbidity Survey 2017, the percentage of youths around who are depressed went up to 10% whereby Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Labuan were the top 3 states with 13.2%, 12.8% and 12.3% depressed teenagers. This is worrying.

Among the reasons teenagers are depressed are:

  • Adapting the changes in life phase from school-children to being teenagers.
  • Identity crisis, peer pressures (smoking, drugs, social interactions)
  • Adult’s expectations and major examinations.
  • Life burdens, poverty, family background and cultures.
  • Technologies.

Adults need to be alert on the teenagers’ changes in behaviours. Perhaps, wwhen growing up, teenagers prefer to get the adults to be involved with their activites. Improve our communication with them. Be the wiser one and communicate well, such as:

  • Focus on listening to them rather than lecturing.
  • Be gentle, but persistent.
  • Acknowledge their feelings
  • Trust your guts. Seek professional helps if we see the requirement to help our depressed teens.

I do wish we won’t be reading and hearing news about our pure naïve teenager lost his/her life because of depression. Keep bear in mind, we can’t run from our problems, but there’s always ways to help us to solve it wisely.

Article writen for Education Portal Column ‘Just A Teacher, Chilling’

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