WRITING: Priority?

I saw a struggling mom updating her FB status on weekends, had to leave  her only child with the babysitter as she and her husband had to complete some task prior to Monday big event at the office.

And for that instance, I am blessed for the ‘nikmat masa’ that Allah gives me that I am able to spend plenty of time with my husband and children for I was not working[1].  I wish every mother could have this life. A flexible life of no 9-to-5 working shift for five days in a week. It’s a luxury!

On the other side of the coin, I do understand, that is not an easy decision to make. Living in the world today, some mommies are left to no option than to work. No matter how much they wish they could just spend more time on the family, the world seems not to agree with them. I’m sorry for them. I know how badly they wanted to just not work and be able to send and pick up their children to and from school.  Some may wish to get more involved with the volunteering and charity works. Some would just want to bake and cook and try lots of new food. Some would just love to decorate the room, the stairs and so forth. Some would just wanted to write book. Summing-up, how wonderful life could be if mommies do not have to work and do what ever they want to do.

Nevertheless, we knew mommies who were scared of letting go their career life. They are 15% on making their way to pinnacle. They have been working all their hard since they were in the university, earned a reputable degree, went through the hardship climbing the career ladder and they are just a distant away to reach the peak. They are not letting go. Some may be able to balance their work and family life. Some would be struggling. Some would just ignore it.

This is when we, mommies, should know where to put our priorities right. If we think, sending our little baby at the babysitter’s home on weekend so that we could complete the assignment that the boss is expecting on the following week, ask ourselves, have we put our priority right?

Yup, it ain’t easy. After all, in Islam, we are not responsible for our children as it should be the father’s role and responsibility. Let’s hold the topic of roles and responsibility between a father and a mother for a while. Don’t put any religious opinion in it, though we must acknowledge Islam is the way of life, hence we can’t put anything aside in making any decision. But I just wanted to know, mommies with ambitions, what stopping you from outing your ambition to your own flesh and blood? How much do you need to earn so that you could take a time off to spend a peaceful weekend with your little one? Will it be for a month, a year or a lifetime?

I talked too much. I’m very biased in giving my opinion about working and not working and I’m sorry. I’m not against any working mom. But I wanted all mommies to know, working or not working, we just have to place our priority rightly. We just have to know what’s important and what’s less important. In my strong-headed opinion, nothing is more important than your family. I beg to differ. Allah is the most important in life, and when we put Him as our number one, we know, as a wife, we are oblige to our husband. Yes, some husband support the wife to be successful in the career..but I’m sure, most husband would prefer their wife to put the family first in the list, than work.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

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[1] I do have issues defining not working… Perhaps in my next chapter of the write-ups.

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