POEM: Nap-mares

yes, nap-mares are real,

the pictures are actual,

the actors are veridical,

the plots are phenomenal,

the aftermath are justifiable,

yes, they leave marks surreal.

it was just a quick nap,

filling the gap,

while waiting for the chap,

it came in a snap,

and you felt sudden slap,

like a thunder zap.

all whites surrounding me,

uplifting my own decree,

from afar i heard sweet hymn melody,

came rushing with the tsunami sea,

and saw a red-heels-long-legged lady,

waving and spinning holding onto the scary destiny.

i was awake with sudden pang,

cried like i was attacked by a boomerang,

and wonder will the nap-mare continue,

becoming my nightmare’s chain.

⁃ says ع –

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