POEM: Missing Priorities

Time is running out,
and so that's what we thought, 
when actually it's not,
for it is due to our own doubts,
and only us can design the bailouts.

You misunderstood your own priorities, 
you set forward what you fancies, 
and put away your pet-peeves lowly, 
misjudging what's important what's not to worry, 
the puzzle seems like a never-ending story. 

Dear you, it's time never too late to start again, 
learned from the mistakes you did then, 
the pleasures are past, it's time to face the pain, 
for it's true when there's no pain, there's no gain, 
it's all in the brain and spread throughout the veins.

And when you decided to take the offer, 
cast away your fondness in the coffer, 
lay the foremost though you may suffer, 
for you don't want to repeat you previous errors, 
missing you priorities over what you favours. 

- Says ع -

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