COPYWRITING Folio: Wirdora Accessories – December Posts

Give gift, it’s Sunnah
Give Wirdora, it’s phenomenal hadiah😍
Wirdora offers perfect gift for your loved one (or even yourself)
💝the crafted design that’s so versatile for all style
💝the sparkle crystal that unique by its own
💝the attractive colours that surely brings the best of its user
The smile will flatters your heart 
The act of goodness is sadaqa


Rama-rama mati terendam,
Ditimpa hujan sehari suntuk;
Sudah lama kasih kupendam,
Adik berjalan pergi merajuk.

Lama berteduh sehari suntuk,
Tiba mentari terbanglah semua;
Usah dibiar lama merajuk,
Rawatlah hati hadiahkan Wirdora.
Selamat berhujung minggu pecinta semua.

Always do what you are afraid to do,
Because your a born with courage in yourself!
If you haven’t own a Wirdora, own it one today!
Don’t be afraid 😍😍😍
Happy Monday!

It’s Monday 😱😱😱
Pick your Wirdora blues to shut the Monday blues away 💙💙💙
Have a great week, Wirdora Beauties!💎💎                          

Setianya mentari menyinari bumi,
Jujurnya bulan menemani malam sepi,
Indahnya langit disantuni pelangi,
Itulah umpamanya padanan Wirdora Rivoli dan empunya diri; anggun sekali! 😘

Sale! Sale! Sale!
Hey there, bargain hunters,
Check out our product range!
Colours that vary,
Shines out in subtlety ,
Brings out the design originality!

If you appreciate art, you’ll aprreciate our new Rivoli Set;
Using the finest chaton of Rivoli facets of hues of Scarlet, Montana and Emerald coated with sparkling Aurora Brealis while being surrounded with 19 chaton crystal stones, it is definitely a work of art!
We pick Swarovski crystals, the finest available rhinestones, because the cut, clarity, brilliance and consistency should only sparkle on you, the greatest art of all!
And for you, we make it extra special, it’s on sale!

Keep Calm and wear WIRDORA🧕🏻💎
Our sale has began way before today,
Get your favourite Rivoli, today, while the offer lasts.
Power up your Wednesday, sparkling ladies 😘😘😘
…                                                  (33 words= RM3.30)

You are not fully dressed until you wear a little SPARKLE ,
WIRDORA makes your sparkle a little BRIGHTER,
and our SALE is now ON just to make it better!
So GLITTER with your greatest LAUGHTER 😍  

Tingginya martabat seorang wanita,
syurga terletak di telapak kakinya;
Kuatnya sabar seorang wanita,
masih tersenyum walau terluka;
Indahnya paras seorang wanita,
menjaga akhlak dengan bergaya;
Salam Penghulu Hari, Wanita Wirdora 🌷

Who need retail therapy when you can shop online at your own time, on your comfort bed and cost lesser because Wirdora on SALE?
Have a chilling weekend, ladies!

Every time you tear a leaf off a calendar, you present a new place for new ideas and progress.
Unwind yourself, you’ve worked for the past 349 days and seized the next 16 days before we write in the new page.
Own a Wirdora today.
Make 2018 lasts while its here.

You are not a quitter,
Don’t give up shopping yet!
Our SALE is still ON!
Happy Monday, fighters😍

Everyday, you have a chance to be what you want,
Be great. Be educated. Be well-dressed.
Be a glow-getter.
Get the Wirdora sparkle crystals!

Complete your 2018 look by accessorizing yourself.
Redefine the look of your shawl.
Create a signature piece with Wirdora.
Match with The Rivoli, Luxe, Butterfly or Circle Wirdora range.
Colourize it with several sparkle pins.
You are all set for 2019!

We are sharing our 2019 aspirations with you: To become the in-the-know homegrown accessories business in Malaysia. So what’s yours?
Leaders won’t shine if they don’t want to!
We do because we have you!
Thank you Wirdora Lovers 😘😘😘

Never change your originality for the sake of others.
To stay original, pick the Original.
Pick Wirdora, guaranteed original!

Freedom is courage.
Courageous girls are the prettiest.
Prettiest girls are the shiniest.
Shiniest girls wear Wirdora.
Happy Freedom Friday, ladies!

Hello weekenders,
Indulge your elegance with Wirdora.
Our sale is still ON and you deserve a treat! Have a great weekend.

Time is very slow for those who wait, very long for those who celebrate and eternal for those who love.
Don’t wait for a perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect.
Don’t wait till next year to own the shimmering Wirdora, today is just right.
Get one before it’s too late.

Aren’t we lucky to be Malaysians?
Let’s celebrate unity💕
Stop comparing differences,look in each others’ potential and achieve the greatest good in the world.
Find a common ground, love Wirdora💎
Happy Holidays, glitzy ladies!


Too many hearts were broken,
Looking at the elegance in distance!
Shine up and smile, catch it at its prime;
That contemporary stone, not just a mime;
Tears away, ladies, Libelle Brooch is back by popular demand;
Yes, for the third time!
Own it now, worth every dime!

Refresh your New Year’s look with our comeback queen, Libelle Brooch range, composed with Swarovski’s Bestseller Fancy Stones remodeled for Wirdora Brooch Assortments because this is all you need for a great new year start!

Tak perlu menghitung hari,
Libelle Brooch kami kini kembali,
Bertakhta indah si batu Swarovski,
Anggun terselah di kerudung permaisuri;
Bila cinta turun di hati,
Usah dibiar gusar menanti,
Jangan tunggu lama-lama lagi! Moh, cepat beli!            

On your mark, Get set..
Still not too late to own a Wirdora this year😍                       

Kegarisan, sedia..
Masih belum terlambat untuk menjadi pemilik Wirdora tahun ini😍

Why I need to own Wirdora Libelle Brooch?
✅ The contemporary design
✅ It’s Swarovski’s bestseller fancy stones
✅ I need to update my style
✅ I need to fulfill my 2019 resolution, today! 😂😂😂 


Usah menghitung hari menunggu bahagia bertandang,
Jadikan hari ini hari perhitungan yang membahagiakan.
Jumaat terakhir di gerbang 2018, jadikan ia Jumaat yang terindah.
Salam Jumaat, Pencinta Wirdora.
Jom ‘dating’ hujung minggu dengan kami di CelebFest Year 2018, SUNTEC Singapore.
Jauh perjalanan, luas permandangan, bertambah koleksi WIRDORA buat kenangan. 😍😍😍                                                             

Hola Friday Señora,
It’s the last one for this year,
Make it last while it’s here!
Put away your sorrow, gear up glamorous and glow.
Seize the day with a blast, cherish it while it last.
Make a plan to bump into as at the CelebFest Year 2018, SUNTEC Singapore, this weekend.
Have Wirdora, will travel, kan?
Add your Wirdora shines collection for memories keepsake.

2018: Thank you for such an shining journey
2019: We are ready for more glitter odyssey.
Dear our loyal Wirdora Lovers, 2018 has been awesome, and trust us will be phenomenal, Insyaallah.
Thank you from the bottom of our heart 💓 💓💓
and yes, final call for our 2018 sale! let’s shop!      

Teristimewa buat pecinta Wirdora, terima kasih atas pengakhiran yang indah di tahun 2018 ini dan bersetialah di esok hari bersama-sama 2019 kita sinari.
dan ya, panggilan terakhir untuk jualan murah 2018 kami! jom beli!

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