Poem: Bond

woman carrying baby near man

As I grow up, 
I learned. 
Family ties sometimes loosen up, 
Not as tight as I thought the bond bounded.
Sometimes, either you or them, 
Decided to just abandoned. 
For the choice of your love route’s hem,
Was not in their listed branded.

That bond,
once was so fond, 
collapse way beyond, 
when I abscond,
not with their favourable beau monde
instead, that furibond lone.

And so, 
I learned,
As I grow up.
Bond are not blood-defined, 
Instead those who hold you up, 
Just so you don’t fall.
Bond are not blood-related, 
Instead those who stretch you up,
And support your choice once and for all.

Bond are those accepting you, 
and the choice you choose.

– ع says – 26.12.18 –

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