Education: To Board or Not To Board

Well, in a week time, the new year will be replacing this year. As for us in Malaysia, the school will welcome back their students.. fuh! finally!  And so, what’s next? By now, parents have already know the direction of their child of which school to go. I would like to talk about boarding school. As we know, as early as thirteen years old, children do have the option to apply for boarding school. Some may look forward for that while others may have some fear haunting at the back of their mind.

From my personal point of view, I would opt for my children to go for boarding school. Nope, not that I want them to go out of my way as early as thirteen years old. O, I still miss my son who is going to be fourteen next year and on his second year in the boarding school. On the other hand, for boys particularly, to be in the boarding school is something that do more good to them than going to the day-school.

hostel life?

I’m listing down, briefly, the pros (in my opinion) of sending our children to the boarding school in Malaysia:

  1. Opportunity: The facilities and the academic exposures are bigger than the day-school.
  2. Great teachers: Most of the teachers are high quality teachers with great motivation wanting to educate the student.
  3. Good company: Surrounding with peers who focus more on studies than entertainment.
  4. Independent: Making their own bed, laundry, routine and all are the life-skills that children in boarding school would pickup faster as compared to their friends who are in the day-school.

On the other side of the coin, parents should also have to know the cons:

  1. Bullying: Yup, it’s ugly and still there.
  2. Money issue: The expenses are more as compared to the public day-school.
  3. The ‘boarding school syndrome’: The feelings of being away from home will make the children tend to isolate themselves and don’t have a close bonding between the siblings.

For whatever, I guess we as parents know best and wanted the best for our children. May they grow up to be a successful person, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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