Power Word to Teach A Child: ACKNOWLEDGE

Acknowledge (v) as being defined in the Oxford Dictionary are:

  1. to accept or admit the existence or truth of
  2. to recognize the importance or quality of
  3. to show that one has noticed or recognized (someone) by making a gesture or greeting.
  4. to confirm (receipt of something)

In teaching children about acknowledge is to make them understand the important of showing awareness or express gratitude for someone’s behaviours. Being an adult, we know how pleasant it is to be acknowledged. The same goes to the children too.

Acknowledging the children when they accomplished something, behaving righteously, or just by acknowledging their new dress would definitely one of the way to boost a child’s positive behaviours. By providing them positive feedback an encouragement is crucial in developing their social-emotional learning.

Acknowledge shows presence. As much as we are aware, children as young as babies up to the teenagers, do crave attention. Take this word by heart. Acknowledge our children. Encourage them to acknowledge others too. This would definitely help them in building good self-characters.

On the other hand, children also need to understand to important to acknowledge mistakes, too. By acknowledging mistakes, one should correct the, learn from them and move on with bearing in my mind not to repeat the same mistakes. Acknowledge mistakes and weaknesses is not something bad. It is for one good.

In a laymen term. acknowledge is to accept oneself. By admitting oneself, an acknowledgement should be an aid for self-improvement.

In my religion, acknowledge the intention of wanting to do something is the root of the faith. Acknowledging that Allah is the Only God and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is His Last Messenger is a mandatory to all Muslims. By acknowledging the facts, one should ensure one is compliance to all the rules and requirements based on what is uttered.

Acknowledge is a strong word. It recognize, motivate, inspire and also reward oneself.

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